Afterglow outline

One week of sin is exactly what Amira Adams and Jacob Crawford need. One week to get away from the world at the exclusive, private, adults only resort posing as a couples retreat. People are paired off, and instead of a contract, they sign a ‘marriage’ license together, as well as individual private agreements. The […]

NaNoWriMo Outline

Amelia Maxxwell wakes up in a hospital in Heartwood, Washington The detective, doctor, and man driving the truck are all there. The doctor asks her basic questions, and then tells her the answers when she doesn’t remember. She wants to correct the pronunciation of her name, but doesn’t know why. Her cousin, Piper, comes in […]

Arthur/Gwen, Bradley/Angel

He watched the sunlight glint off of her hair and face, bathing her in the morning glory. She offered a hesitant half-smile, clearly uncomfortable in the prolonged silence and under the intensity of his gaze. When he leaned down and gently pressed his lips to hers, he didn’t know who was more surprised. He supposed […]

Yet another drabble

Speculation on how the inevitable conversation/confrontation could go. “I am not my father.” The words burst out of Arthur, angry, full of betrayal and grief and fear. “I know you’re not.” Merlin’s reply is quiet, thrumming with the underlying confidence and faith and trust that has always been there, even when the words are prat, […]