I don’t like being reprimanded for doing my job. It makes me feel like a child, and not a member of a team. Although, I’m not really feeling very ‘team-like’ right now. I work from 3-7:30pm, Monday through Thursday. I am by myself from 4pm on, and often my co-workers leave early, closer to 3 or 3:30pm. So I’m there, by myself, for near 4 hours, working the front desk and checking people in and answering phones and doing whatever else needs to be done. If there are technical difficulties, I have no support–most of the testing companies support lines are all closed for the night, some closing when I come into work since they are on a different time.

Also, I can’t leave to go to the rest room, because that’s a violation of the GED rules. I can’t leave the test materials unattended, plus there’s all that valuable equipment, and what if someone walks in and needs help? They’re supposed to be hiring another person, but the job doesn’t close until the end of this month, and then whomever is hired has to be trained, which lo and behold, guess who probably has to do that??

So I’m so incredibly sorry that yes, I occasionally forget to do some of my duties. By the time 7:30 rolls around, I am tired, hungry and I REALLY HAVE TO PEE. Add that to the fact that the day people sit around on their asses all day and escape like a bat outta hell when I get there without doing any of their duties, and I’m about ready to start looking for another job. Fucking A…

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