More Than a Memory outline

High school bad girl and good boy.

After her senior prom, they get together; maybe secretly marry. After the baby is born, she’s gone. Mother threatens to charge her with rape for underage relations. She goes and joins the military, but gives out that its to serve her country after 9/11 and to pay for college.

Father and daughter are told that she died in action by mother.

Girl writes letter to military as part of class project, explaining that her mother died and she wants a penpal.

The penpal is actually her mother, but she has no memory of her former family. She comes home after getting a call that her parent is not doing well, and is forced to remain to settle affairs.

Father recognizes her instantly, but she doesn’t know him. He wants to tell her, but she has to remember on her own. So he sets out to seduce her all over again, but this time as an adult.

She doesn’t trust him; doesn’t trust herself. She learned hard control in the military and doesn’t like to relinquish it.

Eventually, she hears the truth–at 10 year reunion?

Confrontations happen. Death of family member distracts and allows her to withdraw.

She has choice to go back or to discharge.

She stays.

Do they tell daughter??



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