Afterglow outline

One week of sin is exactly what Amira Adams and Jacob Crawford need. One week to get away from the world at the exclusive, private, adults only resort posing as a couples retreat.

People are paired off, and instead of a contract, they sign a ‘marriage’ license together, as well as individual private agreements. The public agreement they can use any name they want, but privately they must use their real name.

Amira and Jacob, as a joke, sign their real name both publicly and privately, figuring there have been a lot of people pretending to be them for one weekend.

They even get pretend rings as mementos–and signifiers. The finger it is worn on, and the color of the jewel, all signify things.

They have incredible sex, and one of them slips out.

They meet again six months later on set of a movie.

In Hollywood, Amira is the hedonist party girl, and Jacob is the strait-laced leading man who was recently dumped by his socialite girlfriend for another woman.

When word leaks of their getaway, and the contract is revealed, the resort and their PR suggest that they pretend that its a legit secret marriage and they were on their honeymoon, or else they will be sued for breach of contract.

Amira agrees because she needs Jacob’s help in proving that she is a fit parent to her child, which is actually also his.

They went to high school together, and she was his first everything. She was a senior, she was a junior/sophomore. They hooked up and the condom broke.

She disappeared after graduation; he eventually followed into acting.

Judge calls for DNA test when she blurts out that kid isn’t her ex-boyfriend’s son. Ex leaves; didn’t really want the kid anyway, but does want money. He’ll be back.

She still has to deal with Jacob.

She is granted custody, only to have Jacob file for joint custody after confirming the truth.

His mother threatened her with a rape charge if she didn’t leave after high school.

They eventually get back together and end up at the resort to get married for real.

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