More Than a Memory: Prologue


She had come, just like he knew she would. He waited, knowing somehow that this was all a dream but still wanting to take what he could.

Serena Mitchell was trouble and unattainable, but in his dreams she was everything.


She was standing by his bed, cloaked in moonlight and a white satin nightgown that shimmered as she shifted, adding to the overall dreamy affect. She stayed still while he simply looked his fill, although the slight shiver that ran through her body and the delicate poking of her nipples beneath the lush material revealed her tension. He was pleased by that, the small sign that she was human after all, that she wanted him just as much.


He held out a hand. “Come here.”


“Josh–” she repeated.


He shook his head. “I know you’re just a dream, and you’ll be gone in the morning, but you’re here now. Come to me, just this once Serena. Let me have my dream, just for one night.”


She went very still for a long moment. He held his breath, waiting, only to let it out in a rush as she slowly placed one small hand in his. He moved higher up on the bed, pushing the covers down and drawing her up and over him to straddle his hips. Sucking in a hissed breath at her damp heat, which he could feel even through the flimsy barriers of her panties, he reached up, threaded two large hands through her silky hair, and covered her mouth with his own.


She melted against him with a surprised moan, helpless to do anything but respond as he took her mouth. She had, in some hazy corner of her mind, expected gentleness, expected him to ease into it, to continue with the dreamy, soft atmosphere. Instead he was voracious, nipping, licking, and sucking at her mouth before tangling his tongue with hers in hot, blatant echo of the suggestive rocking of his hips beneath hers. She could feel him, from her nose to her toes, all sleek muscles and hard control. Neither were his hands still, stroking up and down her slim back and sides, fingers spread wide, fleeting caresses over the sides of her breasts before following the line of her ribs and down again over her hips, her ass and lower, fingers now questing and probing slightly before finding the edges of her short gown and raising it up, up, and over her head in one smooth motion.


She took the momentary respite to tilt her head back and suck in a breath, only to lose it again as he immediately took advantage of her new position to latch on to the base of her neck and suck hard at her pulse point before licking his way up her throat to her earlobe and nipping. “I know you’re just a dream,” he breathed in her ear, his voice darkly sensual. “In the morning, nothing will have changed. But for tonight, you’re mine, and I intend to indulge myself. To live out this dream to the fullest.”


Serena took a breath, to speak or protest, she didn’t know which, only to find her world tilted as she suddenly found herself flat on her back with her arms stretched out over her head and her wrists caught in a firm male grip. Her eyes widened as she suddenly felt his other hand reach down between them and jerk the thin bands of her panties, snapping them as easily as thread. She watched as he brought them to his face and inhaled, eyes closing briefly in pleasure before wrapping them securely around her wrist and tying them to his headboard.


“Much better,” he murmured, eyes glinting with satisfaction as he surveyed his work.


“Josh, you can’t just–” her protest was cut off by a strangled groan as he flicked his tongue over her left nipple, just once, teasingly. She arched into him, wanting more, but he moved away.


“Uh-uh,” he tsked, dotting her skin with kisses and licks as he nibbled his way across her chest. “MY dream. My rules.” Before she could protest, he covered her left breast with his hand, tweaking her nipple between thumb and finger as his mouth enveloped the other one. Twin arcs of fire streaked through her body, causing her to cry out at the onslaught of pleasure swamping her senses. She felt his pleased rumble before he began to suck, hard. Her head thrashed against the pillows as she arched hard, needing the contact of his hard body. His tongue and mouth continued to work at her breast as his hand stroked over her hip, down, and in, close but not nearly close enough, teasing them both. His head lifted to watch her face as his fingers circled around her pussy, dipping in, spreading her juices around.


“Josh, please, I can’t, I want, please, I need you, please…” her voice trailed off into a scream this time as he finally gave her what she wanted, two hard fingers thrusting inside, stretching, moving, preparing her. Her hips caught the motion and she began to move with him, straining against the bonds on her wrists as she fought to get more.


His gaze intent on her face, he ordered, “Open your eyes, Serena.”


Long, black lashes fluttered hard, then opened. He held her gaze, even as he increased the movements of his fingers and added the quick, purposeful flicks of his thumb over her clit. Short, hard moans were coming steadily from her throat, which eventually converged into a long wail of his name as the wave crashed over her.

Before she could surface completely he was there, driving inside her in one smooth long stroke before holding for a long moment. They both groaned at the sensation. Josh rested his forehead against hers, squeezing his eyes shut and gritting his teeth hard against the need to move. God, she was hot. Her pussy was melting around him, heating him, drawing him deeper inside, and searing his mind. He had never known this much pleasure with another woman, dream or real…


“Josh. Please,” she whispered against his lips, instinctively tightening around him, stealing his breath. “Finish it.”


“Easy, sweetheart,” he soothed, fighting to breathe, to regain a measure of control. He bent his head until it rested at her shoulder, his tongue lapping at the sweat-dampened flesh as he retreated once again.


“Now, Josh,” she whimpered. “Oh God, please. I need it. I need you.”


“If this is what having you in a dream is like, I don’t know if I can continue in the reality without having you for real,” he groaned as he began to move faster.


She couldn’t catch her breath enough to reply, a thin wail leaving her lips as he set up a hard and deeply powerful rhythm, driving them both over the edge. He covered her mouth with his own, swallowing her cries as she exploded around him, setting off his own release.


They breathed together, hearts racing, before he leaned down and gently brushed his lips against hers. “But it doesn’t matter anyway, because it’s just a dream, right?”


He felt her body tense under his as she hesitated slightly, before she nodded. “Just a dream, Josh. Nothing more.” She forced her body to relax as he drew her close, untying her wrists with a murmured sleepy apology.


The next morning when Josh woke up, she was gone. Unlike previous mornings, he had awakened all at once, without the grumbling and mumbling that usually accompanied.


“Damn, maybe I should have dreams like that more oft…” His voice trailed off as he noticed the scrap of white silk. The same scrap of white silk he used to tie Serena Mitchell to his headboard in his very vivid dream… “No FUCKING way,” he breathed, slowly reaching out. It was still damp, still held that scent he identified with Serena, some exotic mix of lavender and spice, overlaid with the fainter scent of her arousal. “FUCK.” He threw the covers back and leapt out of bed, unmindful of the fact that he was stark naked, focused only on finding his little dream witch and demanding an explanation, when a glint of white on his dresser caught his eye. It was a note.



I’m sorry.



There was more, but it had been scribbled out and mostly erased. Josh’s jaw tightened, as he threw on some clothes. This wasn’t over-not by a longshot.



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