Arthur/Gwen, Bradley/Angel

He watched the sunlight glint off of her hair and face, bathing her in the morning glory. She offered a hesitant half-smile, clearly uncomfortable in the prolonged silence and under the intensity of his gaze. When he leaned down and gently pressed his lips to hers, he didn’t know who was more surprised. He supposed that he had intended it as a thank you, for the token and her honesty and faith and laughter and just being Gwen.

He felt more than heard her gasp of surprise, and then she melted into him, every inch of her softening and accepting and yielding. The warrior in him immediately the instinctive surrender for what it was, and it took everything in him to keep the kiss light, to not claim her mouth and all the sweet lushness her taste implied. Her breathy groan of protest, and the way she followed his mouth to prolong contact as he drew away nearly shredded his resolve, but he regained control enough to pull back.

He watched her eyelashes slowly flutter up, revealing her warm chocolate brown eyes, now dark and hazy with desire and need. He still didn’t speak, too entranced by the sunlight once again now surrounding her like a soft halo. She looked like an Angel…



Bradley blinked and gave a little shake of his head. He had a vague unsettling feeling, like he had just woken up, but that couldn’t be right, because he was in the middle of a scene–

Angel’s forehead creased slightly in question, waiting.

Oh, right. Finish the scene, fool.

“I must go,” Bradley said abruptly, and left.

The A.D.’s call of, “CUT! Check the gates, we’re movin’ on!” was enough to bring Bradley fully back into the current space and time. No one else seemed to notice anything different, so he had almost written the whole thing off as and ‘actor moment’–until he was alone much later that night in his hotel room, and had time to reflect over the events of the day.

Bradley knew that eventually, he was going to have to kiss Angel. Or rather, Arthur was going to have to kiss Gwen, which was the same thing, and yet not. Was it strange to be jealous of the fact that his character got to kiss his dream woman before he did?

Probably, he decided after thinking it over a bit more. It made even less sense the second and third time, although that could’ve been because of the cheap wine and ridiculously overpriced fruit he had bought early.

“Right then,” he said abruptly, pulling out his cell phone. “Annnngell…” Thank Merlin-he snickered-for speed dial.

“Bradley.” Her husky, amused voice came over the line after only one ring. “Are you seriously drunk dialing me from down the hallway?”

“Not drunk. Wine was too cheap and watered down.”

“Mildly snockered, then.” She laughed. “It’s too hot to sleep anyway. I’ll be down there in a minute.”

Shaking her head, she hung up and looked down. She had already changed for bed into boxers and a tank top. Shrugging, she headed out. It was nearing on one in the morning. No one would see her.

It was only when she reached Bradley’s door that she realized that she had left her key in her room. “Bloody hell!” She cursed. “Bradley! Open up!”

He did, and she had the sudden unsettling sensation of stepping into a lion’s lair. Ignoring the slight increase of her pulse, she pushed past him, absently noting that he only had the bedside lamp on; enough to see by, but not much more than that. She got no more than two steps from the door when her vision was filled with a familiar lightly tanned muscular chest. She blinked and looked up–straight into his waiting gaze. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking behind those intensely blue eyes, just like she couldn’t tell early that day, during the filming of Arthur and Gwen’s first kiss. It was somewhat odd, she thought abstractedly, to be jealous of the fact that her character got to kiss her dream man before Angel got to kiss hers, even though they were the same person. Except when they weren’t.

While filming, she had had the oddest feeling that Arthur was real, that Gwen was real, and that they both were actors playing the roles of Bradley and Angel instead of the other way around. That kiss had been purely between Arthur and Gwen, not Bradley and Angel.

But now, looking up into that shadowed dark gaze, Angel know that this moment was between her and Bradley.

He still didn’t speak, just watched the tell tale emotions flicker across her expressive face, and felt the air crackle around them. Just before the storm broke and she opened her mouth, he leaned down and covered her lips with his own. She melted into him, just as Gwen had done earlier, her entire body softening beneath him. But where the kiss between Arthur and Gwen had been chaste and sweet, this kiss between Bradley and Angel was anything but.

Angel found herself suddenly between a wall and a very hard Bradley James. He quickly took control, nipping and licking at her lips until she opened to him, and then teasing and taunting with tongue and teeth until she responded. A part of his mind smirked. Never one to back down from a challenge, that was his Angel. He swallowed the half gasp half-moan she made, the delved deeper, intent on drawing more sounds out of her throat.

She tore her mouth away. “Wait, Bradley,” she gasped. Undeterred, he moved his mouth over her cheek, then licked a hot line down one side of her neck and back up the other side, before his teeth closed lightly on her earlobe. Her fingernails clenched into his broad shoulders. “You…you’re drunk.”

“Lightly snockered,” he murmured, voice rumbling through her down to her bones. “Been thinking about this all day.” She felt him flick her earlobe with his tongue once more before nibbling his way back down her neck. “That first kiss, earlier, that was for Arthur and Gwen. This, however…” Sharp teeth nipped at her lips. “This is for me and you. Bradley and Aaaaannngell.” He drew her name out in that heated purr that was purely Bradley. No one else could make her name sound quite so deliciously naughty.

She shivered in reaction. He may have drawn the line between them and Arthur and Gwen, but some things were inherent to the man, just as her response was inherent to the woman alone.

He felt her shiver and smiled wolfishly. Her lips curved in response, because he was Bradley and she was Angel, and from day one there had been a playful flirty banter between them. Two people well aware ofand confident in their own sex appeal, they had blurred the line between innuendo and actuality until it was nearly non-existent.

Now his smile widened to a grin as Angel ran her hand through his hair and tugged his mouth back down to hers, because in that heated silence and exchange of looks, a question had been asked and answered.

Unquestionably in the affirmative, if the way that she was devouring his mouth was any indication, which meant open season. This was going to be fun…

Bradley’s large hands, which had been braced on the wall beside her head, came down. One landed on her hip and slid down the back of her thigh to encourage her to wrap that leg around his own, widening her stance and opening to him.

The other hand ended up on the nape of her neck, helping to maneuver her head has he retook possession of their kiss. The hand on her thigh skimmed up over her ass, squeezed teasingly–for which she nipped his lip in retaliation–then trailed up her side to cup her breast through her thin tank top. Angel gasped and threw her head back as he played, twisting and rolling and teasing her nipple until he stood out proudly, dusky chocolate through the silky white barrier.

Bradley continued to play, fascinated with the contrasts of light material and dark skin under his hand. He wasn’t so distracted though, that he didn’t feel her small hands inching towards his waistband. Catching them easily by the wrist with his free hand, he pinned them in a grip above her head.

“Keep them there.”

“Dammit, Bradley,” she cursed, twisting in his grip.

He pounced on her mouth, instantly distracting her from whatever she was going to say. Pulling away after a moment, despite her groan of protest, he licked down her neck, nipped lightly at her collarbone, sucked at her pulse point, before flicking his tongue against her right nipple.

“Keep your hands there, Angel,” he warned again as he felt her try to break free once more. “Keep them there, or I stop.” He felt the shudder that vibrated through her body at the order and smirked against her skin. “Such a hussy, Annngell,” he murmured, kneading her left breast with his hand as he alternated between licking her nickle and blowing gently on it through the damp  material.

“Such a bloody fucking tease, Bradley,” she retorted breathlessly, but her hands stayed stretched high above her head.

He swatted her butt, making her yelp. “And such a filthy mouth, too.” Yanking her tank top over her head in one swift move, he twisted and wrapped it around her wrists, binding them together before she could protest.

“That solves one problem,” she taunted. “You gonna give me something else to do with my mouth?”

His cock jerked at the blatant challenge. Sapphire blue eyes clashed with moltant chocolate. “How about I just make you lose your voice from screaming, first.” He growled, and latched his mouth onto her breast while his right hand delved between her legs. She immediately keened, raising up on her toes as best she could, fingers grappling helplessly for something to hold on to as she fought to keep her arms where he had ordered.

“Fuck, Angel. So fucking hot,” Bradley groaned,  yanking her shorts down until they caught around her knees and rubbing his fingers teasingly along her slit before dipping inside, spreading her wetness over and around before setting a driving rhythm. “Want you just like this, fucking my fingers, drenching my hand, clenching around me,  yeah, just like that, come on…”

Angel’s hips were rocking furiously, riding his hand, her whole body focused on the feel of his thick fingers in her body. “Bradley, please yes, right there, come on, mm yes, come on, come on, oh, yes–!”

A high, thin, wordless wail erupted from her throat as he pressed on her clit with his thumb and rubbed, still moving his fingers in and out. His groan echoed hers as she trembled and shuddered through her orgasm. Just as the worst of the aftershocks faded, Bradley jerked her shorts down the rest of the way, lifted her up off the floor with one strong arm while the other hand positioned and drove his cock home, sending Angel spiraling up and over again.

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