Feeling the mid-month burnout…

Really starting to slack on NaNoWriMo, and it shows. Trying to regenerate interest in this story that I’m writing, and just can’t do it for some reason. Plus, I have ‘acquired’ cold from someone and am feeling like crap, and work sucks, and finals are coming up, and mom is deserting me to go judge while I’m stuck at home with dad, Braxton, his girlfriend of the moment, and their daughter…all of whom I really have no desire to spend Thanksgiving with…

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Work and writing woes…

I don’t like being reprimanded for doing my job. It makes me feel like a child, and not a member of a team. Although, I’m not really feeling very ‘team-like’ right now. I work from 3-7:30pm, Monday through Thursday. I am by myself from 4pm on, and often my co-workers leave early, closer to 3 or 3:30pm. So I’m there, by myself, for near 4 hours, working the front desk and checking people in and answering phones and doing whatever else needs to be done. If there are technical difficulties, I have no support–most of the testing companies support lines are all closed for the night, some closing when I come into work since they are on a different time.

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The scariest day of the year

Most people would name Halloween as the scariest day of the year, or maybe Black Friday (which does come in a close second in my book, by the way). However, Halloween is NOT the scariest day of the year to me.

November 1st scares me to death.

Why? Because that’s the day that NaNoWriMo officially starts. Tomorrow, millions of people all over the world will sit down at their writing space of choice and begin the 30 day journey that their characters will take them on. Most, like me, have no idea where they are going or what they are doing, or who will still be around at the end.

More Than a Memory outline

High school bad girl and good boy.

After her senior prom, they get together; maybe secretly marry. After the baby is born, she’s gone. Mother threatens to charge her with rape for underage relations. She goes and joins the military, but gives out that its to serve her country after 9/11 and to pay for college.

Father and daughter are told that she died in action by mother.

Girl writes letter to military as part of class project, explaining that her mother died and she wants a penpal.

The penpal is actually her mother, but she has no memory of her former family. She comes home after getting a call that her parent is not doing well, and is forced to remain to settle affairs.

Father recognizes her instantly, but she doesn’t know him. He wants to tell her, but she has to remember on her own. So he sets out to seduce her all over again, but this time as an adult.

She doesn’t trust him; doesn’t trust herself. She learned hard control in the military and doesn’t like to relinquish it.

Eventually, she hears the truth–at 10 year reunion?

Confrontations happen. Death of family member distracts and allows her to withdraw.

She has choice to go back or to discharge.

She stays.

Do they tell daughter??



Afterglow outline

One week of sin is exactly what Amira Adams and Jacob Crawford need. One week to get away from the world at the exclusive, private, adults only resort posing as a couples retreat.

People are paired off, and instead of a contract, they sign a ‘marriage’ license together, as well as individual private agreements. The public agreement they can use any name they want, but privately they must use their real name.

Amira and Jacob, as a joke, sign their real name both publicly and privately, figuring there have been a lot of people pretending to be them for one weekend.

They even get pretend rings as mementos–and signifiers. The finger it is worn on, and the color of the jewel, all signify things.

They have incredible sex, and one of them slips out.

They meet again six months later on set of a movie.

In Hollywood, Amira is the hedonist party girl, and Jacob is the strait-laced leading man who was recently dumped by his socialite girlfriend for another woman.

When word leaks of their getaway, and the contract is revealed, the resort and their PR suggest that they pretend that its a legit secret marriage and they were on their honeymoon, or else they will be sued for breach of contract.

Amira agrees because she needs Jacob’s help in proving that she is a fit parent to her child, which is actually also his.

They went to high school together, and she was his first everything. She was a senior, she was a junior/sophomore. They hooked up and the condom broke.

She disappeared after graduation; he eventually followed into acting.

Judge calls for DNA test when she blurts out that kid isn’t her ex-boyfriend’s son. Ex leaves; didn’t really want the kid anyway, but does want money. He’ll be back.

She still has to deal with Jacob.

She is granted custody, only to have Jacob file for joint custody after confirming the truth.

His mother threatened her with a rape charge if she didn’t leave after high school.

They eventually get back together and end up at the resort to get married for real.

NaNoWriMo Outline

  1. Amelia Maxxwell wakes up in a hospital in Heartwood, Washington
    • The detective, doctor, and man driving the truck are all there. The doctor asks her basic questions, and then tells her the answers when she doesn’t remember.
    • She wants to correct the pronunciation of her name, but doesn’t know why.
  2. Her cousin, Piper, comes in and confirms her story.
    • She is starting at University after break
    • They are cousins by marriage
    • She is told that she left LA because she got pregnant and her (ex) boyfriend didn’t believe that it was his, and wants nothing to do with her or the baby.
    • Will possibly raped her before she left; and everyone assumes that the baby is a result.
  3. Meanwhile, in the background or on television in the waiting room, the news is reporting the disappearance and possible death of Emilia Monroe, who was a famous pop star better known for cheating on her boyfriend than her music. The doctors don’t make a connection because her face is so swollen and bruised, and they had to cut her hair.
  4. Dylan is suspicious, but lets it go. It’s a small town, so he can keep an eye on her. Amelia miscarried the night of Will’s confrontation, but doesn’t remember that or who the father is. Piper does not enlighten her.
  5. Amelia goes home with Piper to her “dorm”, which is actually a co-ed apartment which she shares with her boyfriend Dylan and her brother Zach (Logan’s best friend).
  6. Piper convinces him that Emilia is better off dead until they figure out who wanted to kill her (someone followed her from her house and tried to drive her off a cliff into the ocean).
  7. She survived (barely), then walked to the next rest stop and stowed away in the back of a semi. The driver hit a patch of ice and swerved to avoid oncoming traffic. She is carrying a backpack with clothes, cash, fake ID (Amelia) and documents, and her cellphone. She is dressed in faded jeans and a university sweatshirt that Zach gave her.
  8. Piper had no way of paying for college. Emilia offered, but Piper accepted with two conditions:
    • She would work for Emilia as her personal assistant, but on the personal side of life. Meaning, she would step in to keep Emilia grounded and aware of the essence of who she is.
    • Emilia also enrolled in classes online, under her birth name “Amelia Maxxwell.” Emilia Monroe is her stage name only, but the public believes it is her real name. She has two birth certificates, two social security cards, and two driver’s licenses. She was born a twin, but Amy died at birth.
    • Emilia is blonde, bubbly, preppy. Amelia is brunette, quiet, more studious.
  9. When she wakes up, she has no recollection of Emilia. She looks, acts, thinks like a regular college student. Piper and Zach tell her that she is a trust fund baby, which is where the money comes from. She still tries to get a job to pay for her own apartment.
  10. She’s currently living with Piper, Zach (sometimes) and Dylan, Zach’s best friend but not Logan’s.
    • Dylan isn’t supposed to be back from spring break yet, so Amelia is sleeping in his bed when he gets in–fully naked. Of course, she is having a lovely dream, which involves some fondling and maybe a sleeping orgasm–which wakes them both up.
    • She is mortified, he is mystified and intrigued, Piper is horrified, and Zack is amused.
    • Piper ushers Amelia off to register for school. Amelia is a sociology major with a minor in business. Piper is a business/PR major.
    • One of the assignments for their business class is to plan out and pitch a small business idea. Piper works at a coffee shop, but they’re building a Bikini Baristas down the street–Hooters with coffee. Amelia jokes that they should convert Piper’s work into the male equivalent.
      • male servers, coffee area, quiet areas, and in the evening, open mike.
      • Her boss loves the idea, and hires both girls to put the plan in motion.
      • It becomes the local hang out for their friends.
    • Time moves on, and the only blips in Amelia’s life are Dylan and her nagging feeling that there’s something more. Her son/daughter grows up, and she and Dylan settle into a truce.


  1. SEQUEL???
    • Kid is 10, and it is the 10 year anniversary of Emilia’s ‘death’. Amelia and Piper own ‘The Writer’s Block’ now, which is the local college hang out.
    • One of he employees maneuvers her into getting up on stage during Open Mic night. She has all these songs in a journal from ‘before’ (her life as Emilia; Adele songs). She doesn’t know who they’re about, but she was furious at that person. (Logan taught her to play guitar and she taught herself to play piano).
    • Logan himself steps into the room just as she is beginning the first song. Their eyes meet, and the memories come flooding back. Logan is intrigued by her and her voice, but she wants nothing to do with him, which only intrigues him more.
    • Meanwhile, Dylan is watching the memorial footage of the ten year death of Emilia, and begins to put the pieces together. Amelia actually stopped at the memorial–a private ‘farewell’ to her old life–and was caught in the background on camera. They have identical personal history and the same social security number, except one number. Is she committing fraud by faking her own death? He doesn’t know yet. But he will be watching now.
    • Zach has been avoiding Logan since he started ‘Nikki with an i’ Richards. She is a B actress who desperately wants to be A list. She is opposite of everything that Emilia was–tall, leggy, blonde, high maintenance, and clingy.
    • Logan doesn’t (want to) see it, so when Zach starts spending more time at the Writer’s Block, and gushing about his girlfriend’s best friend, Logan decides to check it out.
    • Logan wants to sign Amelia, but she blows him off. He persists, and unexpectedly meets her (their) son, Jacob.
    • Jacob is nearly 10, and an old soul. He loves school and playing soccer and his mom and aunt Piper more than anything. Except maybe his uncle Zach.

Born of Magic: 04

Merlin approached the prince’s quarters with some trepidation. He had never returned to complete his evening chores, assuming that the king and prince would want some privacy. And he had been half-right; Arthur hadn’t sent a servant after him, but coming upon Uther prowling around in Gaius’ chambers and the resulting awkward conversation/threat had left the young warlock sufficiently spooked with a bad taste in his mouth.

Taking a deep breath, he knocked once and stepped warily into the room. “Good morning, sire,” he said in an approximation of his normal cheerful tone. Setting the breakfast tray down, he turned…and stopped. “You’re dressed.”

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